Why do girl date assholes

You know the story: Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Years of social conditioning are at work. Maybe her dad was an asshole, maybe her mom married one. But there are some things I want you to know about the process.
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Why do girls only date assholes?

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Why do girls only date assholes? Archives - Craft of Charisma

It's well known that women find sexy, rebellious rogues attractive. But until now it's not really been clear why women choose to turn that attraction into long-term relationships, when they know they stand a high chance of getting burned. New research, however, reveals that the secret lies in the hormones. Sure, a woman might choose to mate with an attractive male because evolutionarily it means attractive kids. But that doesn't entirely explain things, as there's more to life than good-looking offspring.
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How to Date a Woman Who Has Only Dated Assholes

Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Valley Girl With a Brain. A few months ago, back in the golden days of interning at PT, I read a blog post that changed my life. He discussed the phenomenon of women falling for "bad boys" or "assholes" and included various research to back such claims.
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Almost everyone has that ex they stayed with for too long, that one who never listened or could never commit, but still had some allure. Turns out biology might be to blame for our bad choices. Durante, K.
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