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The Judas Contract is not only the best Teen Titans story of all time, but one of the most influential stories in comic book history. Finally, after a decade of false starts, good intentions, and bizarre stops, we got our adaptation , and all in all, it was…fine. The hallmarks and iconography are all there. Nightwing is kicking major ass. Deathstroke is a piece of human garbage who just wants to get paid. But there are major differences between the animated film and the comic; some of them work out great, while others, well, they defy logic and make you question if this script was just given the Judas Contract title to sell a few extra Blu-rays.
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Starfire(Teen Titans Go!)

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Issue one started a bit of a controversy in the comics community when Starfire, mostly known as one of the beloved main characters in the show Teen Titans on Cartoon Network , suddenly became a creepy blow-up-doll sex pot. Go out and try this stance if you want guys too — go up to a full-length mirror and see if you can contort your torso so that your butt and your upper chest are both visible. Not easy. Kind of painful. Worst of all, kids who used to watch Teen Titans in their preteen and early high school years such as myself have to see the continuation of a beloved character appearing as a silicone-breasted sex doll, and little girls everywhere are facepalming and sadly moaning at this new incarnation of a strong, familiar character. Michelle Lee wrote an article for io9.

Super T&A: The Problem with Starfire, DC Comics’s Controversial Superheroine

Koriand'r went with them convinced it was for the good of her planet, only to discover Komand'r's treachery and the Gordanians' plan to bring her to their Citadel to live out the rest of her days as a tortured slave. Koriand'r then managed to escape during space flight and fled to the nearest planet, Earth. The Gordanians followed in hot pursuit, but were defeated when Koriand'r was defended by four superpowered teenagers. Once she was officially free of the Gordanians, Koriand'r decided to stay on Earth, took the name Starfire which is what Koriand'r translates to in English , and joined the other heroes in forming the Teen Titans.


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